Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Table top fire pit or personal fireplace

I AM SO EXCITED! Did I yell that loud enough? Well, sorry but I'm very very very excited because I've been waiting to write this post forever! Seems like that anyways.

You've seen table top fire pits, a.k.a personal fireplaces, like this in catalogs:

This one retailed $166 online. To me, it looks way cool and I can picture it in my outdoor space but I'm not about to drop almost $200 on something that's just going to sit and look pretty.

Enter ( drum roll please) The Art of Doing Stuff! She created one for $25. Yes, that's 65% cheaper than you can buy at the store and just as if not even more beautiful! This is what her's looks like:

Up close and personal

In the outdoor space

I think it looks absolutely great! Now mind you, what yours will look like will depend on no other person than you, as you will pick the materials you like. 

So hurry on over to Karen's blog and for Pete's sake, send me a picture if you make one!

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