Monday, January 2, 2012

Faux canvas print

Canvas prints are very pricey but here is a very cost effective way to make your own.


Poster print of your photo (from Infarrantly Creative)

Brushstroke Mod Podge

Foam roller

Canvas fabric

Spray adhesive

Exacto Knife

 1.  Get a 24” x 36” poster print of your favorite photo.  The prices will range from $15-$25.

2.  Get a 1/4” MDF board cut to the size of your poster.  Use Scotch 77 or any other Spray Adhesive to adhere the poster onto the board. You can use a scrap piece of the poster to protect your surface as you burnish it down.

  3.  When dry, turn it over and trim the edges with an Exacto knife. Use Brushstroke Mod Podge with a white foam roller and spread a thick, even coat on the poster print. Brushstroke Mod Podge dries quickly so work fast!

 4. Once your have an even coat on the poster print, press a piece of canvas on top of it.  Slowly pull back the canvas material to reveal a “canvas print”.

5.  The canvas stamps its impression into the Brushstroke Mod Podge giving the faux canvas look.  At this point look over your photo to make sure there aren’t any hairs or fuzz on the picture and use tweezers to remove anything.  If the surface gets messed up just add more Mod Podge and press it again.

6. Let dry 24hrs. 

Cost breakdown:

Poster: $15

Mod Podge: $4

MDF: $6

= $25

Thank you Infarrantly Creative!


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