Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas hair clip how to

My obsession came back again and I've been crafting a lot of hair bows lately. This is such an easy craft I feel silly posting the step by step but hopefully it will help someone out there.

Materials with 2 of each size circles cut out
You will need:
Hair clips
Old jewelry, like earrings, broaches, pendants, etc
Fabric**see below
Hot glue

I started out by covering the hair clip with ribbon. It makes it look nicer I think.

**Your fabric has to be such that when kissed by the flame, it will start melting and curling up. Something like viscose or rayon would work great.

Cut 3 fabric circles, large, medium and small. As you can see from the first picture of this post, the circles don't have to be perfect. Try to make sure that they are about the same size though if you are making a matching hair bow set.

Light the candle and then let the flame kiss the fabric slightly. Be close to the kitchen sink in case your fabric catches on fire. If you desire more curling, let the fabric touch the flame briefly. DO NOT BURN YOUR FINGERS!!

After burning all of the circles, you can assemble from the largest to the smallest and gluing the layers together with a dot of hot glue in the middle. You could also sew but that takes too much effort for me ;o)

Glue the embellishment on top, in my case it was an old pair of Christmas ear rings that belonged to my friend Jeannine.

Glue the flower on the clip and you have a lovely pair of hair clips.

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