Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas lighting

I am posting links to 2 articles by DIY Network on outside Christmas lighting:
Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips can be found HERE.
Buyers' Guide For Outdoor Christmas Lighting can be found HERE

I hope you will be inspired so you can make your outside look as beautiful as the inside of your Christmas house.

Next on the list is a craft I promised but never delivered. I realize that I was a major slow poke with my 3 lbs of acorns wreath craft! I didn't get it finished until the evening before going out of town for Thanksgiving and although it's a fall/Thanksgiving craft, I'm going to post a picture anyhow. 

There are the materials I used: a foam wreath form (10") (trust me, it's plenty big when you're having to glue the acorns on it..), spray paint, acorns, ribbon and hot glue. Spray paint the wreath form first and let dry. Since I didn't have brown spray paint, I used black. Then glue glue glue the acorns on until you are done. Tie a ribbon and hang outside.

I do have to say that I didn't treat the acorns in anyway, just wiped them clean and glued on. I threw out all the ones with holes or chewed up bottoms and used only the whole ones.

Next year I'm going to fill some of the holes between the acorns with small gold beads just to give my wreath a touch of sparkle.

I didn't leave the acorn wreath outside while we were out of town, not for the fear that someone would steal it but I just didn't know if the squirrels would leave it alone. I'm pretty sure they would have but you just never know :o)

PS. Notice how much better the pictures look? It's because we finally have a new camera! YAY!

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