Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Easter craft

I know you've been for this day to come and here it is! Finally!! My inspiration were these wooden bunnies from Sassy Sanctuary. I had to make a few modifications but I think they turned out well.

I went to Michaels and bought wooden candlesticks. My son wanted to have his own candlestick bunny so I got an inspiration to make bunnies representing the members in our family. I also bought wooden eggs but had to go with a larger size for the taller candlesticks because they were out of the smaller ones.

Because I don't have a scroll saw nor would my husband let me use one even if we did, I had to modify the ears. I decided to use felt. I bought antique white felt and matched the Delta ceramcoat paint to it. Actually the paint was also called Antique White so there wasn't much matching needed.

So you start by removing the gold cup inside the candle holder part and then painting the whole candle stick. I did 2 coats for more even coverage but then used a piece of sandpaper to make the paint look worn.

While the candlesticks were drying, I started working on the ears. I used felt for my bunnies but you can use luan, felt, fun foam etc. medium of your choice. I laid the bunny head on a piece of paper and drew the ears. I didn't want them to match so I free handed them on both sides. Once the paper template was done, I traced the ears to felt and cut & glued to the head. I used double layers of felt to give them a little more stiffness.

Before attaching the head to the candlestick, I painted the eyes and mouth. I used pink felt for the nose, black craft paint for eyes and a black sharpie for the mouth.
TIP: Dip the round end of the brush into the paint and then dot the eyes on.

After the head is dry, glue it on the candlestick. At this point you can accessorize how ever you'd like. I went around the house looking for things, so my suggestion to you is look what you have before you dash out to Michaels or Hobby Lobby to buy.

Happy Easter everyone!

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