Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart wreath

This was a really fun craft and can be done in a day if there are no distractions. ( I had some, took me a 1.5 days) You will need:

a foam heart (mine was 12")
3/4 yard felt (or less if your heart form is smaller than 12")
push pins
cup (3")

Cut out a whole bunch of circles from felt. To cover my form I had to cut 180. Talk about scissor blisters -- ouch! Obviously you would use the cup and pencil to trace the circles.

Fold the circle in half and then in half again. Push the pin through the bottom pointy edge and pin to the heart form. (sorry for the extra awful picture) Continue pinning until the form is filled. You can also put a little glue on the pins if you think they are going to pull out but I didn't bother. If they pull out, I'll just push them back in. One thing to remember is that the closer you pin your circles, the more you'll have to cut.

Last but not least, cut out a piece of ribbon and pin to the back.

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