Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I guess my blog wanted me to take some time off as it has not been working correctly until today. Hooray for you! (Just kidding)

The family and I made ice lanterns to welcome the new year. You'll need:

Plastic container of any size (note: must fit in your freezer)
Any decorative items (optional)
Tea light candle

Put your decorative items in the container and fill with water. I used clippings from a pine looking tree, and some holly berries that I found in my yard. Set in the freezer on a level surface. When the water is frozen on the top, sides and bottom, remove the container from the freezer. You can shake it carefully to see if the water moves in the middle but nowhere else to check for readiness. If it's not ready yet, keep checking every 30-45 min.

Separate the ice lantern and the container very carefully. Working on a plate, punch a whole on the top with a knife and pour the water out. Be careful when punching because if your lantern has thin walls, the whole thing can collapse. The hole has to be big enough for a tea light to slide through. Light the candle and enjoy.

You can use the lantern again by keeping it in the freezer. I let mine melt because I can always make a new one plus I kind of forgot about the thing until there was only a puddle left. They don't last long inside but sure are beautiful!

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