Saturday, January 29, 2011

Felt flower pin

I've been crafting with felt a lot lately. It's so easy to handle, no fraying, no sewing, just glue or pin and voila, you are done. Gotta love it!

I saw this pin on Tidy mom's site and decided to make one. I made it as a broach but it could also be made into a hair accessory, purse decoration, scarf decoration, bow for a present, magnet, ornament etc etc. Use your imagination!

You'll need:
6 felt circles (mine were 3")
Needle & thread
Pin back, alligator clip or magnet back (depending what you choose to do with it)

Start by folding the felt circles into half and then in half again. Sound familiar? Yes, it's the same technique as for the felt heart wreath. Hand stitch at the pointy end and up the open part of the fold a little. Don't cut your thread.

Fold the next circle and put it next to the one already sewn. Continue sewing the same way you did the first one. You can layer them the same way, i.e. the folded end out or in, or every other folded end in, every other out, it makes no difference. I like my folded ends in and against each other.

From this point on you can either stack them or place them randomly around each other. The order doesn't matter as long as you handstitch them tightly together.

Last, glue or sew a pin back to your creation or glue it on an alligator clip or a magnet. If the center looks too open and floppy to you, you can add some glue to the inside of the petals to keep them together. Isn't it cute for Valentines? Or Christmas? Or any day? Thanks Tidy Mom!

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