Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And this is what we eat...

You may be asking yourself what is this a picture of? It's dip that I bought for my son's birthday party. It's been sitting on the counter in this dish since September 18th. Is there anything funky about it that you can see? Or NOT see? There's not one speck of mold although it's been on the counter for weeks! And notice the absence of bugs as well... Hmmmmm....

Why did I leave it sitting this long? Well, after the party I simply forgot and when I discovered it a day after, it still looked good. From that point on it became a science project for me. I was going to let it sit as long as it took for it to develop mold but lo and behold, it never did. It's started to shrink so I thought I'd show you what kind of "quality" food the food industry offers us before I dispose of it. Ladies and gents, this is cheese dip. Disgusting!

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