Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super foods for kids

I ran into another food article and thought it would be worth while to talk about Super foods for kids on my blog. Super foods are foods that are jam packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Read this post and find out what little soldiers, bouncers and Popeye have to do with eating.

Superhero #1: Avocado. But why o thou wise one? Because it is loaded with the good kind of fat which may lower bad cholesterol! Cholesterol problems in kids? Yes sister, because of all the prepackaged foods which are highly processed, fast food and all other junk our children consume, medical professionals are seeing cholesterol problems in kids. In my day, that was a granny problem but not no more!
Avocados also have vitamin E which protects cells from free radicals. Remember from my last article, free radicals = bad bad bad!

Superhero #2: Blueberries. This little berry can help boost your memory as well as fight certain types of cancer. You can eat them fresh or frozen as long as you eat them. In a blueberry pie? Hmm, not sure we get all of the same benefits but at least your hips will like the pie and they'll swell with happiness post eating. Blueberries are also cholesterol fighters. Onward little soldiers!

Superhero #3: Oats. These guys help keep our kids feeling full and keep them from having sugar spikes and crashing in the middle of the day. They could also be called "bouncers" as they escort the bad cholesterol out of the body.
Dust off the stove and make your children oatmeal for breakfast, made with the old fashioned oats not the quick kind. Yes, you'll have to hang close to the stove for about 20 minutes but anything for the kids, right? The quick cooking oats don't offer as much fiber as the old fashioned ones and that's where the secret lies: the more fiber, the better your system works! No congestion on the New Jersey turnpike!

Superhero #4: Salmon. Yum Yum Yum!! Your little and big ones will get the Omega-3's that are important in lowering their risk for heart disease. Also helps by preventing mood swings and boosting memory. Cranky teenagers? Make them salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Superhero #5: Spinach. I'm Popeye the sailor man... Looks like he knew the secret all along: eat spinach to get iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, and C to get strong bones and a healthy brain!

Superhero #6: Sweet potatoes. This orange spud keeps things moving in the digestive system. It is rich in complex carbs as well as vitamins B, C and E, iron, calcium and potassium. Need I say more?

Superhero #7: Yogurt. Really? Cos we love yogurt at our house and here is the reason why: it's sweet and creamy, and even my most picky eater will gladly eat it. This sweet treat offers our bodies an extra helping of protein, calcium and good bacteria for the gut. If you buy the plain low-fat organic yogurt, you can control the sweetness yourself. Add honey, Xylitol or any other NATURAL sweetener as well as sliced or pureed fruit. It's cheaper to buy a large container of plain yogurt than the 6 pack of already flavored and sweetened stuff. (Although for school lunches, the 6 pack will be more convenient. )

There is the list of the Superheros. Hopefully you can incorporate some of them, if not all, in your child's menu!

Now that school is starting, maybe my list can help you

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