Friday, May 21, 2010

Hair accessory holder

My little girl is getting quite a collection of hair bows and clips that I thought it was time to organize them. This takes just about an hour or so to do and is so simple. You will need

Wood letter
Decorative paper
Embellishments (optional)

Very simply, trace the letter on the paper, cut and glue on the wood letter. I used Mod Podge (don't you think it should be called Modge Podge???) Let dry.

Decide how much ribbon you will need and cut to lenght; glue to the back of the letter. I used E6000 to glue. Let dry. I also used a lighter to prevent the end of the ribbon from unraveling.
Note: I wanted my ribbon to be longer for future use so I cut about one yard long piece and after gluing folded it to the length I need. The hair clips hold it in place so no need to glue or sew to keep it folded. Otherwise it would be hard to unfold when time comes, right :o)

Embellish (optional) and hang on the wall.



  1. Sorry about the pictures, they just don't ever come out the way I would like them to.

  2. this is great, i think my little girls would love it! where did you find a letter that size? i usually only see smaller one...


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