Saturday, September 5, 2009

My new friend

I've been dreaming about one for a long time and now I finally have a brand new front loader washing machine! I love it and ever since I got it on Wednesday, have been doing laundry almost daily. A little on the OCD side but oh well, it's fun!

Before heading out to the stores, I went to Consumer Reports and compared all of the front loading brands that scored 80 or better. I knew I wanted a steam washer but I wanted to compare all of the front loaders to see how the steam ones compare with the rest. The top one was Samsung model number WF448AA[W], then Electrolux Wave Touch EWFLW65H[W] , GE WCVH6800J[WW], GE Profile Steam Washer WPDH8900J[WW], GE Profile WPDH8800J[WW] and then my baby the LG Allergiene Steam Washer. The top one scored 84 while the last 3 scored 80 so not much variation in the points.

The reason why I didn't go with the Samsung is because I read the reviews and found out that their customer service is horrible and parts take a long time to arrive (like 2 months or so). The hefty price tag was also taken into consideration.

I really thought I was going to go with the GE but I didn't like the Superman emblem shaped door. Call me crazy but I really like the round door. GE only had the Superman door so it was not even a consideration for me. Once again, call me crazy but I like what I like.

When I went to the actual store to look at the models with steam and round doors, mine just happened to be on sale. The door is still round although the newer models have the square door. Not for me thank you! I also wanted another color than white and the pedestal but since they would have added over $400 to the price tag, I opted to stay with white and no pedestal. That actually worked to my advantage because the pedestal would've raised my washer too high for me to reach the brooms etc. hanging on the wall behind it.

I've used my new friend almost every day of this week and I really LOVE it! It saves on water & electricity, washes the clothes better than my old one and doesn't have the agitator which I thought was such a waste of space and hard on clothes. My colors were brighter and clothes better smelling coming out of the machine. The steam works great too! I washed bedding and some rags using the steam and boy, did they come out clean!! Very happy with that.

As soon as we got it home, we realized 2 cons about the machine: you have to use HE detergent so no home made concoctions, and the control panel & knobs are at the front where my kids can easily reach them. No big deals to me but just thought I'd point them out in case you are thinking about buying one.

I gotta go do some laundry so TTFN!

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