Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My tomato experiment

My upside down tomato plant is dead!! It started showing signs of being less than healthy before we left on our vacation last month, and when we got back it was dead. I blamed myself and my "black" thumb but as I found out, it may not have been my fault at all (nor my neighbor's who was watering it while we were gone and trying to take the blame). A few days later after returning home I read online that a nursery supplying to Walmart and Home Depot had a problem with their tomato plants. I think it was some kind of a mold that lay dormant until the plant had been growing for some time. My tomato was one of many affected so no home grown tomatoes for us for now. Sad but at least I wasn't to blame.

As to what happened to the tomato that was already growing on my experimental plant.. Well, it had gone bad. I didn't want to pick it before vacation while it was still green. When we returned it had turned red but was wrinkly and rotten smelling by then. I'll try this again next year and hopefully with better luck.

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