Friday, June 12, 2009

Homemade Tortillas

Dinner is always a pain for me because I don't like to cook. The main reason for it is that someone always complains. Often heard around here are the following: "Do I have to eat that?" "EWWWW!" "I'm not gonna eat that" "That's yucky" and then my favorite "Is this a recipe??" I plan all of the meals for the upcoming week around Thursday of each week and it takes a lot of brain power and research to come up with something new and exciting that EVERYONE would eat happily ( I guess I've failed in that department). And then there is the couponing part of the grocery shopping that I won't even go into right now other than to say it takes a lot of time for me since I'm not so organized. Tonight I was feeling especially lazy because last night we got to eat out. Yea for Jason's Deli and their super yummy salad bar!! I didn't feel like cooking what was on the menu for today so I decided to try Fajitas with homemade tortillas. I had no high expectations because, as I've already made the point, there is always someone in the group who's unhappy. This impromptu meal was a huge success! The tortillas turned out great: soft, rollable, and yummy. They were a breeze to make and tasted just like in a restaurant except without the transfats. Click here to get the recipe I used. It made 14 regular size tortillas which I browned in a skillet. The chicken was not marinated which I normally dislike but we used Citrus Grill spice on it from Sam's Club which is pretty good. In my excitement to try this recipe I forgot that I didn't have any sour cream so I used plain yogurt instead. It did taste different but it was good different for me. So there, another recipe for food storage. SCORE!!!

PS. If you like Crocs, check out my friend's blog by clicking here. I ordered both my kids a pair for $9 and got free shipping too!


  1. YIPEE I'm glad you started a blog! I hear ya sista on the dinner thing. I DO NOT enjoy cooking for that same reason. My kids are too picky and complain too much and makes me want to scream!! So it's hard to keep hubby happy and kids at the same time. So thanks for your tip!

  2. I hear ya! I think I'm going to have a sign made for my kitchen that says:

    Today's menu: Take it or Leave it

    That would be perfect for us :o)


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